My Story

I'm the wounded healer to heal the hardest of cases with love and tenderness. I took 3 months to heal myself from determination and devotion to myself, something that I haven't done before. I finally found myself in the darkness of my own reality. That was my Earth story, Now let's start a New Multidimensional story together. I made it my mission to heal all the lightworkers/Starseeds of the world. Here I am, extending my hand to you. Are you going to take the offer? I hope you do; you wouldn't be reading this if you are not ready. 
Coming back home to Source/God it's the most beautiful feeling. A unique experience what will keep you going for your next chapter in your story. Doors will open up, new opportunities, new friendships, new relationships, new careers and maybe your own business. Endless possibilities and that starts with you, you are the creator of your own reality. I'm just the door that is open to you. 


My Approach

This is more than a healing; you are connecting back to Source were all of us came from. We can't stay there for long since we still have a lot of work here on earth with our human vessel/vehicle. Everyone's experience is unique in their own way but most importantly what your soul needs at this point in time. It's a very relaxing experience just like a deep meditation, and most will fall asleep due to very high vibrations. 

You will be receiving a lot of upgrades and downloads

that your body needs. I will be activating your pineal gland to awaken your true potential. Replacing all negative thoughtforms to new high vibration thoughtforms. You will be feeling the changes instantly and I'm able to see them right away. Just let go and allow the oneness to take place.