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I lost 40 pounds in 3 months!

Updated: Aug 29

This is how I did it, with no exercise just meditation

Let go of the Shadow

When I first started my spiritual awakening process my weight was 224 pounds! I'm always fluctuating up and down depending of my environment and the energy that other people would send my way and my self of course, being a empath doesn't help. Sometimes consciously or subconsciously people want to see you fat and depressed just like them. It's thought forms and they are energy waves. I started meditating every night for 30mins-40mins and started to let go of my past and healed my soul, if you haven't meditated yet I highly encourage it, feel your true self again. Don't give up, you're not going to lose the weight over night. We are heavy because we are carrying all the badge on our shoulders. We are made to feel and believe to have shame, guilt, hopelessness, regret and the worse one fear. They all carry weight and low level of frequency. Sometimes you notice you don't want to be around a negative person because they're bringing you down? This is why, their vibration is bringing you down to their level.

We're all programmed to keep eating, why do you think they advertise fast food to our subconscious mind. Break free of the programming! Now my is weight now is 184 and counting. I'm perfect no matter what ;)

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